Skizofrenia by Ainun Najib

"You ... you're weird !!" For a moment I didn't realize what I was saying. And, it seems like he looks sad, he almost cries, even though his smile tries to cover it up. That must be painful. 
"I ... I'm not strange," he said, sobbing, trying to hold back his tears. 
"I'm not weird, that's ... it's just you who is weird! Why can't anyone see me? Isn't it ... aren't you strange?" Her tears began to wet her beautiful face.

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Christmas by Rhianna Green

Christmas is here and although it is always very stressful your still looking forward to it. Experience Christmas through your parents eyes and remember to just enjoy yourself. After all Christmas is about spending time with your Family.Can you pull of the best Christmas ever for your kids.Can 'Father Christmas' pull through or will Christmas be a flop like last years.

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Horror by Sophie Baillie

I remember my childhood, running around in my garden with my sister. My garden filled with lush flowers and bright green grass, with the little vegetable patches. I would run over to the vegetable patch and grab carrots and onions from under the moist soil. And take them in for my mother and father to make for our dinner. Okay, maybe that didn't happen but I prefer thinking it did. Instead my childhood was dark and lonesome. I would sit on my own in my tiny room either crying or colouring on my wall.

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