Hope by Merrie Jackson

ran around screaming “PIPS, PIPS” but it seemed to be to no avail. I spotted her in her cot, only Pips could sleep through this! I almost laughed but remembered the dire situation, hugging Pips tightly and placing my earmuffs over her ears, I ran to the stairs, our only way out, was in flames.

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The blitz by Jessica Brown

My name is Bonnie. I am 15 years old. I live in London with my younger brother Max who is 14 - but acts like a 3-year-old. He has light brown shaggy hair, blue eyes and pale skin. He loves football.
My older brother William (Will) is 18 years old.

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God’s & Monsters - Fantasy by Megan Rutter

As a result of his rage, Artemis had plotted her escape. On Monday, she had begged her best friend to help her flee. On Tuesday, she had pretended everything was okay. On Wednesday, she had ran and became a fugitive. By sundown, she was dead.

"You killed her!"

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