MI5 Mystery by Zoe Housley

Then, the black gun was pushed closer towards my head: I had to go cross-eyed to see it.
“I’m sorry, but you know too much, so this is the way it has to be.” 
Came the voice of my mother.
What she didn’t think about was the fact that, yes, I did know a lot.
As she fingered the trigger, I acted, and though the corner of my eye I watched the bullet smash into the rope-bound chair I was just sat in. 
I’d called MI5, yes - I knew MI5, they were already driving down the avenue straight towards me. I’ve been I MI5 for 3 years but it still surprises me how they get to places so fast! 
And, before I even filled them in the crew were already surrounding the woman I hated to call my Mum. But, it wasn’t that easy, she jumped the agent closest to her and began to run to her car. There was an agent there already stopping access to her escape vehicle. Unexpectedly, me and the crew were blasted of their feet. A huge helicopter, bearing a V on its side, hovered above and just as I was falling I glimpsed the woman grasping a rope, and flying in to the amidst.
“Damn it.” I yelled. Why did we have to lose her again!
The woman who introduced me to MI5, Helena Scout, came over to me and said in an annoyingly calm voice, “Why are you yelling?”
“Did you not just see my Mum ride off into the distance like some superhero?”
“Yes, I did, she flew off on an AH-64 Apache helicopter that we have fitted a tracking device too which will hopefully lead us to vortex.”
A moment of silence held before the team rushed to follow the helicopter that would lead us to finding my worst enemy…
And my Mum.

The back of the vehicle was packed with agents who had discussed a fool-proof plan to catch the leader of vortex.
Emilia May Prude, mother of Emily Prude (also known as – me). I had been recruited to MI5 three years ago when my mother was let loose and the agency thought I could stop her, being her daughter and all. I made it my mission to stop her there and then, I thought it would be easy – I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Breaking into vortex wasn’t the problem – getting there was. The tracker located it at the top of Ben Nevis – a mountain which even our high-tech car couldn’t get up. We drove as far as we could until we had to walk, only managing to take our most essential gear. The wind, snow and rain battered my cold skin as I raced up the mountain, the team always in step with me. At that moment I knew that this was our last chance at getting her; if we didn’t get this right it would all be over.

Our gear managed to slice through the dome shaped building – seeming to be pierced by a giant V on top. I slipped through the gap into what seemed like a basement with grey walls and a metal staircase – which we didn’t go up of course. Instead, we scaled the wall and came out through a hatch that lead us to a hallway. Which door do we go through?
The first door said 1->
We went through PAD – the door on the left of EMP. The initials of… Her.

The room was a glamorous shade of blue, with a red carpet and ivory couches. At the very centre of the room was a vast glass table, the room was full of intriguing things – but none of them were my mother. That was when I realised the plan was in motion, my crew where no longer with me – did they know my mother wasn’t either? Then, another door to my right creaked open – and out came my Mum, in her hand a glass of ice cold vodka. 

She stopped short. “What are you doing here Emily?” She asked – her voice as cold as her drink.

“I want to join vortex.”

“That’s a lie.”

“No, it’s not.”

“In my experience in MI5, I learned the good is nowhere near as fun as evil. We could rule the world together. Just you and me, Mum.” My heart was vibrating in my chest like it was going back before it was going forward. Please say yes.
Okay, I’ll have to play it cool if I want to get in.
The sofa was soft and silky, and it reminded me of a time where I didn’t know about this. When it was just me and Mum living together, happy. I studied the face of my mother sat next to me; she looked tired but still fierce, the way I remember her. I glanced up at Helena hanging from the ceiling, this was my signal.
“I would love it if you joined vortex.”
My brain was telling me to follow through with the plan as I should, but do I want to? I could stay with my mum and fight with her for once – not against her. It would be incredible.

“So, would I,” I started. Helena looked at me with panic in her eyes, though I could see more hurt. She had raised me, nurtured me, supported me. She was my proper mother, not biological, but proper. 
“But not with you, or vortex. The wrong you have done can never be fixed – just like my heart. I don’t need you.”
Suddenly, I smashed the glass table onto the sofa. The police raged into the building and I could hear the sirens from outside.
“Emilia May Prude, you are under arrest for the spreading of the poison arsenic.”
At that moment I looked up at my proper mother, she made a heart shape with her hands – filling the hole in my heart.