Trapped by Mia Walker-Dimery

A story with the title: ‘Trapped’ Mia Walker – Dimery

I’m running, the fear coursing through my veins.
The police cars are screaming behind me, like hell has opened up on earth.
Deep red gushes from my arm, dripping onto the unforgiving pavement below.
I knew we should have listened to him.
But we didn’t and now I’m paying the price.
I sprint, faster and faster turning corners, searching desperately for an escape but the alleys blur and my head starts to spin. Colours go flying. I can’t breathe. My head is thumping, my heart is pounding. I panic and... darkness.

The next thing I know I wake up to nonstop beeping of something, perhaps a monitor. I open my eyes, but my eyelids feel so heavy. I attempt to look up, but the pounding comes back and everything hurts from my head to my feet. My eyes become too unbearable to keep open and I drift back into a sluggish sleep. Suddenly there’s a panic. I open my eyes to find people gathered around me, engulfing me, shielding me from any light. The hustle becomes louder and louder and people are shouting, instructions thrown across the room. I realise I can sit up and slowly push myself up, my arms tremoring underneath me. There is commotion all around me. People in all white are lunging at me with objects that look like they have been stolen from a horror movie. I open my mouth to scream but nothing comes out. They lean over and roar the word, ‘clear!’. I don’t get it! what’s going on? Without warning, a jolt runs through my body and for a second all I can see is white. Yet again I open my mouth to scream, thrashing about but they take no notice. The bright white returns yet again and I am left blinking uncontrollably. At last my eyes focus and I can see that the room is still. Everyone has disappeared. Only silence remains.

I look down at my hands and realise that the tubes that were once there, are gone. I lurch forward, eager to get out of here, away from here. I stand up, my legs quivering with fear. I turn around and gawk in horror. A girl is lying where I just was, pale as ghost, hair silver as ice. Her eyes, piercing blue like mine, against the white stood out like a glass marble. I look down and see her bony wrists and catch a glimpse of gold. It’s a bracelet, intertwined with... silver swans. That is my bracelet. Why would this girl be wearing my... oh god. Its me. My eyes stare in shock horror; my heart skips a beat. I turn. I run. It’s the only thing I can do, the only thing that will make this better. I’m not dead. I can’t be. Not from a stupid street fight. Bright lights pierce the once darkness of my hollow eyes, I scream for my mother, my sister...Joe , but no one hears my desperate cries. The smell of disinfectant scorches my nose and the poisonous air floods my lungs. The people in the corridor don’t even notice me, not one head turns. They must know I’m here, right? I run up to a woman, her eyes stricken with tears and plead for her to help. Nothing. The same happens for the doctor, the nurse.

I stagger down the rest of the corridor, my lungs screaming for air and burst through the doors. The cold air pains me like a thousand knives. The light dances on my skin, warming my skin with each beam. I look up and take in my surroundings, blue and yellow flash before my eyes, dazzling me for a second. There is a glimmer of auburn from the corner of my eye and immediately I start to screech. ‘MUM!’ no one replies. Again and again I cry out for her, bleating like a lost lamb but she doesn’t come. No one does. No one hears me. No one sees me. I’m Trapped, but in plain sight