mythical beings by Bethany Hoe

Spies, lies and your demise!

A shiny necklace dangled delicately around my neck. It was a purple dragon eye that was surrounded by swirls (that looked like snakes) and it hung on a black chain. It started to vibrate softly and I knew I had to finish this quickly! 
I wasn’t supposed to be here; I reached my hand into the guys pocket and whispered “I’ve got to go. Sorry”. I pulled him into a hug and took £20 swiftly from his pocket. 
I waited silently for my sisters to join me. Their middle left finger’s twitched to show me they also had their money. As we turned the corner I cocked my hip and waited.

I smirked a truly evil smirk as my pendant stopped vibrating signalling the approaching danger had arrived and glanced at my sisters who were both supporting similar looks. I heard a low growl and turned to see a floating glow of light. The faint outline of a boy appeared as the light began to fade; suddenly the boy appeared to jump out the light and onto the floor. 

“What’s a siren doing out here?” he sneered, his voice full of hate.
“What are you doing here?” I retorted as a smug smile graced my lips. 
“You know what? I don’t care,” he stated. A faint glow started up in his left hand as I stood still, still confident even in the face of certain danger. “Someone’s in a bad mood” Ash taunted. 
Grabbing the locket on my neck, I presented it to the ghost, as a blinding purple light shot from the pupil of the eye like a volcano spurting hot magma. 

Quickly rolling out of the way of the light the ghost shot the white light back at us and we dived behind the corner. There were more crashes and bangs as the light war continued between us; it was a battlefield that appeared to be anything but, the players oblivious of their jobs and every one of them fighting blindly. A blur of white light smacked me in the forehead as the world became a whirl wind. Lifting up the pendant for one last shot the purple laser shot from its holder and as my eye lids were threatening to close I saw the tower of the ghost collapse to the ground in a heap of crystals.

The gems showed around the body like a waterfall as the purple light swept up each one and eventually the body. Leaving the place spotless and no sign of the previous events. My sisters were immediately at my side as my knotted body lay on the path. Their worried eyes scanned mine for any sense of hope as the life slowly drained away. Their frantic screaming was nothing more then the whisper of wind as everything faded away. 

The last thing I see is a flash of purple as something forces its way down my throat as I go limp and the world goes black.