Christmas by Rhianna Green

It’s that time of year again, when snow throws up all over the country and When Christmas decorations go overload, and you can’t see your feet anymore because you’ve put on so much Christmas weight, but you don’t care because it’s Christmas. You keep saying you’re going on a diet tomorrow but tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. In a couple of days Christmas will be here but your stressed because you’re having all the family over and a few friends, your husband keeps saying it’s going to be alright but he’s the one that’s reclined on the game chair playing on the PS4.Your kids are asking for such expensive things and still believe in father Christmas you keep telling them ‘what if father Christmas can’t get what you want.’ But they always reply with, ‘Father Christmas can get anything.’ You have to resort to what they want because there so young and you don’t want to break their Christmas spirit. The Christmas tree has been pulled down how many times? And the endless shopping list is still to go! The kids are hyper since they can’t go out and play in the snow, and your husband’s not helping he just shouts go away and then he plugs in his high tech headphones in too play yet another five hours of Fortnite.

Yay, its Christmas eve and you’ve only just done the last bits off your Christmas list, now you can relax your family are here to stay over for a week they bring loads of presents and its hard work keeping them untouched from your kids, your youngest has already ripped up a present .You make a big fried breakfast and everyone says that it’s marvellous, all the kids get it on there pyjamas and some of the adults too. The day goes so fast you play all sorts of fun games and watch awesome movies. Everyone was excited for Christmas but were all worn out so as soon as they layed there heads on there pillows all you could here was snoring in there matching Christmas pyjamas. there alarms are set for two o’clock in the morning so you quickly change it to 6:30 You kiss the kids and then put ‘Santas’ presents under the tree your relieved to find out everything is in place but you still have to get up early and make breakfast. But let’s just enjoy the few hours of sleep you’re going to get, you whisper this softly under your breath.
Its Christmas and it is 5:00 in the morning there is only an hour and a half to go till the kids wake up all the parents are laying out the kids matching outfits my 3 kids outfits were all colour coordinated. It’s now 6:00 and your making breakfast ! ‘wa wa wa’ oh no the babies woken up you ask you husband to keep an eye on the bacon or maybe that wasn’t a good idea .man + bacon=eat! The children’s alarms are going off and your thinking I hope they love there presents suddenly all the stresses of Christmas come flooding out and you just want to enjoy the rest of the day. The kids are chanting ‘presents, presents ‘ so you get your camera out and lead them to the front room were the presents were. There are heaps and heaps of them so you tell all the kids to hold on while the adults find their names .you’re so glad all the kids love there presents and now it’s time for breakfast and changing into their outfits. You think all the kids look cute with their outfits so you take a load of pictures .Then you get ready to go to church and listen to the Christmas service it goes on for hours.
When you get home you start cooking the turkey for dinner, and then you join In with the family fun and games. The turkey and the rest of the food is ready so you call your family to eat. The adults get wine and the children get Shloer to drink. Then everybody has Christmas pudding and custard or cream. After everybody’s stuffed every one less than five years old goes to bed. By this time its eight o’clock. You play some more games with the rest of the family and then all the kids that aren’t asleep go to bed since it is eleven o’clock! You adults clear up and you sigh with relief. It’s been a good Christmas you get into your pyjamas and then fall asleep. Until next Christmas you say to your husband but he’s already fast asleep and snoring.