Mother's worry for a missing baby by Oliwia Wcislo

My baby was gone. Gone… Tears fought to come out of my eyes but I held them in, promising myself I would stay strong and brave, for my husband and my parents, for everyone but most importantly, for my baby. My sweet baby… Crying for my baby would signal that he would not be able to be found but I knew we still had a chance to find him. My name is Martine Orastin and I was proud to say I was a mother to a born survivor. Was. I am wedded to the famous Killen Orastin who is famous for his status as a Healer, a creature that heals minds to the best extent, he was famous for healing the mad man of Tilly lane a year ago. At that moment my husband was glancing nervously at the door while sipping a metal mug of what I suspected- apple cider, he only drinks apple cider when he is stressed, I was happy about this because this meant that I was not the only stressed person there. Everyone was there, my whole family and practically everyone in the village, we are not a very large village so we are all be able to fit in the town hall at the same time even with some space leftover, that spare space was then filled with spare tables with plans and maps. I was glad everyone had pitched in to help us find our baby because when they had it had pricked my heart with a drop of hope. We had already send the Fishers family to go and check the lake and it was worrying to know that they had not come back yet since two hours of the women of the village fretting over me with motherly sadness drawn onto their faces had already passed. Suddenly my husband shouted, awakening my mind. He was standing on a table with his hands in the air, his jet black hair swaying and his shockingly green eyes sharpening to the light, to me he looked like a wicked angel. Everyone was silent as watching him, he cleared his throat and said ‘’ I have called my brother. There is no need to worry.’’ I felt my face turn blank. At that moment I had no idea he had a brother, so I was naturally shocked. Every one began to titter with confusion and gossip while he dropped off the table and raced to the door like someone was there and was knocking. That’s when I began to feel faint, either with worry or with dread but thirty seconds passed and the tingling feeling would not leave my blood and heart, glancing around I realized everyone was scratching their veins as well and a few elders were clutching their hearts with panicked expressions. Then something amazing happened. I heard a babies shriek and instantly saw I cloaked figure in the middle of the hall, the figure was staring at me. It felt like something from a fairy story where the bad monster or wolf watches you and then pounces. My heart stuttered and I could not breathe, the figure was holding my baby. I was amazed and I felt blessed and I ran to thank the figure to thank them. I heard my husband’s voice say ‘’This is my brother.’’