Adventure by Christina Martin

When he came into the kitchen his mom was carrying a platter of food to the table. Freddy got very excited, dinner time was his favorite time of day. He ran over to his little chair, which was a thimble, and got ready to dive in to all the food his mother had prepared. But when she finally sat the platter on the table, all he saw was one small piece of cheese and a few cracker crumbs.
Freddy said, “Mom, this is all we are having for dinner?” His mom sadly said, “Yes, my son, the man saw me last night and locked away the food.” “Oh no, Mom, what are we going to do!?,” Freddy said, with a shocked look in his eyes. She walked over to him and said, “We are just going to have to cut back for a little while, until the family thinks we aren’t here anymore.”
Freddy didn’t know if he could do that. He was used to having plenty to eat all the time. The thought of cutting back made his stomach growl. He started thinking maybe he needed to come up with a way to get some more food for his mother and for himself. After a while the perfect idea came to him. He would make a run to a place he knew of where there would still be delicious sweets to eat. The rest of the day and that night he made plans for how he would get to it. The place he knew of was upstairs and it was where the cat stayed most often at night. So getting to this place would not be easy.
Freddy remembered this place where his mother used to take him, before the family brought in the cat. There was always lots of cupcakes and candy at this place. Beside the man’s bed upstairs there was a table with a drawer and in that drawer was all the sweets that Freddy could ever dream of having. There was just one problem, he had to get up the stairs, down the hall and get passed the sly black cat named Shadow first. 
The next day went by very slow for Freddy. He couldn’t stop thinking about his plans. He decided to start playing some soccer to help pass the time. Then before he knew it, his mom was saying it was dinner time. He put his ball away and went to dinner. Again, there wasn’t much to eat. His mother brought out a little piece of bread and a few seeds the bird had dropped from its cage. This made Freddy more determined than ever to get to that drawer.

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