Adventure by Christina Martin

Freddy’s Big Adventure 

Freddy was a plump little mouse. He and his mother lived in a very nice two story house. There home was in the kitchen on the bottom floor. The family that lived there was unaware that the little mice were there. There was a man, a woman, a little girl and a bird who lived there, too. 
Freddy’s first favorite thing to do was eat. His second favorite thing to do was play soccer. One day the woman dropped an olive on the floor. Freddy ran over when she wasn’t looking and grabbed it. Then he took it back to his room so he could play with it later. Later he got it out and started playing some soccer. He played ball for a long while when he heard his mother call him for dinner. So he grabbed his ball and put it up in his room. Then he washed his hands and face for dinner.
When he came into the kitchen his mom was carrying a platter of food to the table. Freddy got very excited, dinner time was his favorite time of day. He ran over to his little chair, which was a thimble, and got ready to dive in to all the food his mother had prepared. But when she finally sat the platter on the table, all he saw was one small piece of cheese and a few cracker crumbs.
Freddy said, “Mom, this is all we are having for dinner?” His mom sadly said, “Yes, my son, the man saw me last night and locked away the food.” “Oh no, Mom, what are we going to do!?,” Freddy said, with a shocked look in his eyes. She walked over to him and said, “We are just going to have to cut back for a little while, until the family thinks we aren’t here anymore.”
Freddy didn’t know if he could do that. He was used to having plenty to eat all the time. The thought of cutting back made his stomach growl. He started thinking maybe he needed to come up with a way to get some more food for his mother and for himself. After a while the perfect idea came to him. He would make a run to a place he knew of where there would still be delicious sweets to eat. The rest of the day and that night he made plans for how he would get to it. The place he knew of was upstairs and it was where the cat stayed most often at night. So getting to this place would not be easy.
Freddy remembered this place where his mother used to take him, before the family brought in the cat. There was always lots of cupcakes and candy at this place. Beside the man’s bed upstairs there was a table with a drawer and in that drawer was all the sweets that Freddy could ever dream of having. There was just one problem, he had to get up the stairs, down the hall and get passed the sly black cat named Shadow first. 
The next day went by very slow for Freddy. He couldn’t stop thinking about his plans. He decided to start playing some soccer to help pass the time. Then before he knew it, his mom was saying it was dinner time. He put his ball away and went to dinner. Again, there wasn’t much to eat. His mother brought out a little piece of bread and a few seeds the bird had dropped from its cage. This made Freddy more determined than ever to get to that drawer. 
Before long it was time to brush his teeth for bed. When he was done he went and got into his bed. He secretly didn’t change into his pajamas. He just pulled the covers up to his chin so his mom wouldn’t notice. His mom came in to kiss him goodnight and he pretended that he was asleep already. So she kissed his forehead and closed the door very quietly. Freddy waited and listened for his mom to go into her room. When he heard her door click closed, he waited a little while longer to make sure she would be asleep. Then he slowly and quietly slipped out of bed and out the door. 
The first obstacle little Freddy came to was the staircase. At the top of the stairs was Tank. A very large, but very lazy dog. Freddy wasn’t too worried about Tank because he was a heavy sleeper and too lazy to chase after a little mouse like him. Freddy just had to figure out how to get up all those stairs. His legs were very short so he couldn’t just jump up them. He had to find another way.
Freddy looked around for something to help him and then he spotted something. The little girl who lived there had left her doll house down stairs. Laying beside the dollhouse, there was a tiny ladder that would be the perfect thing to get him from one step to the next. He set the ladder up to the first step and climbed up the ladder. When he got to the top he was on the first step. He was very proud of himself. Then he looked up the stairs. He had 14 more steps to go! He wasn’t sure if he could make it all the way, but Freddy climbed and climbed until he finally made it to the top. 
He was so tired, he didn’t know if he could go on. Then his tummy started to rumble and he knew he had to keep going. As he crept passed Tank, Tank started rolling over! Freddy froze in panic. The last thing he needed was to get squashed by Tank! He saw Tanks big paw in the air above him and he closed his eyes because he was so scared. He felt the wind whoosh in front of him and heard a loud THUMP!. When he opened his eyes Tanks big paw was right in front of him. It had hit the floor hard right in front of him. Freddy was so relieved that it hadn’t fallen on him. He ran into the first door he came to, so he could catch his breathe. He ran behind a dresser in the room and sat down. “Whew, that was close!,” he said. 
He realized he was in the little girls room. He saw ribbons and Princess costumes on the floor. The little girl, whose name was Madi, must have been playing dress up today. She was 6 years old and very active. She was always doing something that looked very fun. It was summer, right now, so there was no school. That meant little Madi got to stay up longer at night. Thankfully, though, she was asleep now.
Then Freddy heard something. He perked his ears up and listened. There it was again! He leaned over and looked toward where he had heard the noise. It was coming from under the bed. He could hear claws scratching on the little girls hard wood floors. There it was again, by the bed side table! “What could it be?,” Freddy wondered. Then he saw something headed his way and he got scared, maybe Shadow had woken up. Shadow was the cat that roamed the hallway at night. The black figure came closer and closer. Freddy didn’t know if he should run or hide. 
Then the black figure said, “Freddy, is that you?” Freddy squinted his eyes, trying to make out the figure in the darkness. Then the figure stepped cautiously into the light coming from the little girls princess nightlight. Freddy was very happy when he saw his old friend Sam come into view. Sam was the little girls hamster. She liked to get out of her cage and run around while the girl was asleep. Freddy and Sam played together a lot before the family came home with Shadow. Now they hardly saw each other at all. 
“Hi, Sam! Haven’t seen you in awhile,” Freddy said. “I know. That Shadow patrols the hallways every night,” Sam said. Sam, also, told Freddy that the little girl had gotten a drum set for her birthday and had kept Shadow from getting his cat naps that day. So, to Freddy’s surprise, Shadow was asleep instead of patrolling. Freddy couldn’t believe his luck! 
The two friends talked for awhile about how each of them had been and what they had been doing. Once they were all caught up Freddy decided to tell Sam about his plan to get some sweet treats. “Oh, let me come, too? The girl forgot to feed me today with all her drumming and playing dress up,” Sam pleaded. Freddy said, “Of course, you can come! I would be happy to have some company along the way.” So they waited a little longer for Freddy to get rested up and then they headed for the door. 
Freddy peered down the hallway to make sure Tank was still sleeping and he was, no surprise, so they ran down to the door that lead to the man’s room. Since Shadow was sleeping they had less to worry about in the hallway. One thing Sam forgot to mention, though, was that Shadow was sleeping in the man’s room.
The door was closed so Freddy scurried underneath it. He quickly looked around for Shadow. He was asleep on the bed right next to the man. That meant Shadow was right next to the drawer Freddy was trying to get to. He looked back to tell Sam about it but she wasn’t there.
Freddy looked around and then he decided to go back under the door. He saw Sam sitting on the floor looking pretty sad. “What’s wrong, Sam?,” said Freddy. Sam sniffled and said, “I can’t fit under the door!” Freddy thought for a minute and said, “Don’t worry, Sam. I’ll get us both some.” Sam’s sad look was replaced with a happy one and she got very excited. “Thank you, Freddy, you’re such a great friend!”
Freddy told Sam to wait there and to let him know if anyone came down the hallway. Sam agreed and Freddy headed back under the door. He ran under the table that held the sweets. He saw a hole in the back that another mouse had made to get inside the table and he crawled in. It was very dark inside the table, but Freddy was determined to find his way through it.
He climbed up the table and made it in the drawer. Freddy couldn’t believe his eyes! So many cupcakes and candy bars, he thought it would be enough to feed him and his mom for the rest of their lives. If only it were a little closer to his home downstairs.
Freddy was getting very hungry at this point so he started deciding what he could carry out of this drawer without waking Shadow up. That’s when he realized everything was in noisy wrappers. If he tried moving them Shadow would surely wake up.
He couldn’t leave empty handed, after all he had been through, so he chose a cupcake that he thought was big enough to share with his mom and Sam. He also chose one he thought he could fit under the door. He picked up the cupcake as quietly as he could and headed back out the way he came.
It’s was hard to climb back down while holding on to the cupcake but he finally made it down. He went back through the hole and under the table. When he made it to the floor again he cautiously looked around to see if Shadow was still sleeping on the bed. 
Oh no! Shadow wasn’t there anymore. “Where could he be?,” Freddy thought. Then a big paw slapped the ground right in front of him. Shadow had woken up and knew Freddy was under the table. He clawed and scratched everywhere under the table trying to get Freddy. Freddy got back and watched those big claws scrapping the wood, trying to grab him. 
Then he decided he couldn’t just sit there and wait to be caught. So he grabbed the cupcake and ran as fast as he could to the dresser by the door. As he was running he felt one of Shadow’s paws land on his tail, but he managed to get to the dresser, anyway. He still had to make it to the door, though.
Freddy picked up the cupcake and took a deep breathe. Then he ran like he had never ran before. Shadow saw him and ran right at him. Freddy couldn’t bare to look back to see how close he was. He just focused on getting to the door. Shadow jumped up in the air while Freddy was running towards the door. Freddy was almost there when Shadow landed between him and the door. 
Shadow came closer and got a mean grin on his face. He was just about to eat him when Freddy grabbed his whiskers and pulled as hard as he could. Shadow let out a loud hiss and Freddy went flying in the air. He was confused when he landed on the other side of the room.
He ran under the bed while Shadow was still trying to figure out what had just happened. He looked over and saw his cupcake laying there by the dresser. Shadow was still looking around for him, so he grabbed the cupcake and darted under the dresser.
When he made it to the dresser safe and sound, he realized Shadow was blocking his way to the door. He looked around and found one of Shadows toys under the dresser. He threw the toy as far as he could and Shadow took off after it. This was his chance, he ran towards the door. When he was half way, Shadow saw him and took off after him. But right before Shadow made it to the door, Freddy slipped under it.
Shadow was very mad and started clawing under the door trying to reach Freddy and Sam. They did a little happy dance because they hadn’t gotten caught. Then Sam said, “We better go, I hear the man waking up!”
They ran back to the little girls room and hid under the dresser. They waited, expecting Shadow to charge after them. The man got up and looked around, but when he didn’t see anything he went back to bed. Shadow looked around too, but followed the man, because he didn’t want to sleep on the floor, again. 
After the coast was clear Sam said, “I can’t believe how close that was! You almost got eaten by Shadow!”. “I know!,” said Freddy, “But I did get us this cupcake to share!” Freddy gave Sam some of the cupcake and they talked for a while about what had happened. 
Then Sam decided she better get back in her cage. The friends said there goodbyes and Sam headed for her cage. Freddy was walking to the door when Sam said, “You ever get the idea to do this again, count me in!” “Ok, I will!,” said Freddy, as he went under the door. 
Freddy still had his cupcake to share with his mom, but he thought it might wake up Tank if he smelled it. So he decided to go down a different way. Going down the stairs was going to be much easier than going up them. Freddy found one of the little girls shirts on the floor. He jumped off the second floor and used the shirt like a parachute. He glided softly down to the kitchen floor.
Right when he made it to the floor, he heard Tanks collar jingling. Freddy looked up the stairs and Tank was awake and coming down. Freddy hid in the doll house, but Tank hadn’t seen him. He just went to his bowl and got a drink, then laid down on the cool kitchen floor. Freddy didn’t want to take any chances, so he waited for Tank to start snoring. Then he slowly crept back inside his home. 
As soon as the door closed, he heard his mom say, “Where have you been?!” After all he had been through, he was too tired to lie. He broke down and told his mom all about what had happened. He told her about his climb up the stairs, almost being smashed by tank, and almost being eaten by Shadow. When he was done, his mom said, “That was a very dangerous thing to do, you could have been killed!” “I know. It’ll never happen again, Mom, I promise,” Freddy said. 
His mother knew he was telling the truth, so she fixed them both a glass of milk and they shared the rest of the cupcake. Then she said with a smile, “Now, I think it’s time for you to really go to bed.”
Freddy went to his room and got on his pajamas. He was so worn out from his adventure that, when his mom came in, he was already sleeping. She tucked him in and kissed his forehead. “Goodnight, my little adventurer,” she said. And with a full belly, he was fast asleep. The End