The bell is ringing, means that class is over and inform students to go home. A girl seems walking out from school gate. That innocent girl with a long hair tied like a horse tail named Wahyu Utami.

Wahyu walks through football yard, and accidentally somebody calls her name along with a ball rolling in front of her feet.
"Yu, Wahyu!" feel being called, she turns her head to them.
"Can you pick the ball up for us?" the boys named Randy asks her politely.
"Wow, is she the flat chested girl?", another guy shouts loudly, his name is Franky, Randy's friend.
"Give us the ball, you, flat chested girl! Haha," he added.
Wahyu who is ready to give the ball shocked by what Franky just said. She does not want to response and hold back her angry. Because what was Franky said is right. She is a girl that different from the other girls.
Do not know what kind of damnation she got. She has a body that does not look like another girl. Wahyu who feel bad with Franky's word, throw the ball into Randy and Franky angrily.
As soon as she arrived home, she is directly looking for any entertainment to make her feel better. She turns on her laptop and decided to watch K-Drama titled "To the Beautiful You". It tells a story about a girl who is willing to dress up as a boy to be able support and be close to her favourite athlete who is schooling and live at dorm for boys only.
Suddenly, her mom is coming, "What are you doing, Yu? Assignment?" she asks softly.
"Watching Korean Drama, Mom.", Wahyu said sadly, and then added.
"mm ... mom! Can I get a haircut like Goo Jae Hee?" she told her mom by showing character Goo Jae Hee from that Drama. The main character who is willing dressing up like a boy. Her mother is shocked by her daughter's question, and she took a long time to answer.
"What if it will make you look ugly" she told her disagreement slow and softly.
"It's OK, mom. I do not care if I will look ugly with that hairstyle. The matter is ... I want to cut my hair off. HA! Six days from now, there will be final exam. And my math teacher said that, before we are facing final exam we can cut our hair. So it will make us feel fresh during exam." She lied. Actually, she wants to cut her hair is because she wants transforming into boyish-like look as a revenge to her friends that have been made fun of her being "Flat Chested".
"Alright, tomorrow is weekend, right? I will accompany you to the barber shop. But remember! Do not regret it if you will look ugly with that hairstyle. OK?"
"OK, mom!" Wahyu smiles widely after getting permissions from her mother.
*Final Exam*
Here comes, Monday, the most hated day for everyone. Not exception for senior high school students that facing final exam today.
Wahyu with her new hairstyle come and enter her class confidently. Every eyes are looking at her presence. Even though, she feels uncomfortable with that, but she still manages to confidently walks to her desk.
Erna, her best friend and desk-mate comes to her.
"What happen with your hair? Is that not too short for a girl like you?"
"I don't care! -_-", said Wahyu unbothered. Even though, many people are shocked with her new style, and not just a few people judging her style and comparing it with religion law. But she doesn't care about them because there are some of her friends likes and praises her for her Korean-like style.
"I just want to make those people who are mocking me to shut their mouth. Yesterday, they were indirectly said that I looked like a boy, even my hair was long. And now? I cut my hair short. What are they going to do now?" (Wahyu inner thought).
The graduation day has passed. Now, Wahyu becomes a college student in South Korea, at Kyunghee University. With her good English ability, she takes Art as her major there.
Her education life is run very well. And there is none discriminating her even her appearance is not suit with her gender. Until someday, she fell in love with a Korean girl. Named Park Eun Joon, a Fashion Design student.
Do not know what kind of Satan that told her to fall in love with Eun Joon. Every day, every time she meets her, she cannot take her eyes off of that blonde haired girl. Day by day, they become closer and closer until when both of them have felt comfortable with each other. Eun Joon takes Wahyu walk out to a park.
Eun Joon and Wahyu are sitting under a shade tree. There is something spraging in Wahyu's heart. A desire to have Eun Joo is getting bigger and bigger. However she knows that is impossible. It will going to be a biggest sin, cause thair gender is same. Until finally...
Eun Joon's pretty lips landing on wahyu's lips slightly. Wahyu who got shocked by what Eun Joon's did to her just freezing. Wishing that it was a dream.
"Wahyu, there is something I want to tell you."
"W-what?" said Wahyu blankly.
"I know since the first time you met me, you always look at me and cannot take your eyes off of me. And as we are getting closer, I can feel that you like me. So, Wahyu ... would you be mine?" Wahyu get even more shocked.
"No, Eun Joon-shi ... we cannot! I mean, it is impossible for us. You are..."
"Listen Wahyu, I think you still don't know who I am. I know, you don't want to be in a relationship with a person who has the same gender as you. But, now, I will tell you. You may get confused with my hair and pretty face, but I'm a boy, Wahyu." Hearing what Eun Joon said, Wahyu became extremely happy. Happy, because apparently Eun Joo has the same feeling as hers. Shock, because apparently Eun Joo is a boy.
She is out of words and just can nod her head to indicate that she accept to be Eun Joon's girlfriend.