A taboo or an abomination in centuries ago. Today, it is legally and constitutionally permissible and popular practiced.
With legislative backing in some criticized countries, Benjamin can now openly and happily get married to Bernard while Benjamin’s father can now make love to her daughter without legal or religious consequences.
When Benjamin was interviewed on how he feels getting married to a fellow man, he explained that the homogeneous marriage is more economic compared to marrying the opposite sex. Bernard also submitted that their unisex union is a contemporary call to reduce explosive population growth and maintain a new world order. The newly married men disclosed that their same sex solemnization is sweeter than the conventional wedding in the sense that both Benjamin and Bernard will enjoy a unilateral understanding of what concern or affect them because they both share the same sense and sensational stand.
At the white wedding of Emmanuella and Emelia, both the Master of Ceremonies, Disc Jockey, friends and well-wishers where all young girls and women. Unlike in the past, such unisex solemnization is usually conducted behind closed door and at odd or evil hours but the elegant wedding between Emmanuella and Emelia was publicly celebrated with all pump and pageantry expected in a conventional western white wedding. At the wedding registry, their wedding names were written as Emmanuella Emelia and for the first time, we get to create a marital form with the gender column to contain two same sex spaces e.g. female and female.
To establish their uniqueness and identity, most same sex couples do not live among traditional people, they usually put up peculiar places of residence to maintain their personalities and practice their matrimonial life.
The secluded or secret life is usually to evade the societal stand and stung disapproval of their evil and anti-religious marriage.
As we frown and furry about the newly wedded women, a mother and a widow in one region of Africa, sub-Saharan region just got married in holy matrimony to her only son in a show-off wedding conducted in conventional white wedding gown and suits and ties. The wedded widow argued that she got married to his only son in order not to miss the demise of his husband and suffer in widowhood alone knowing fully well the harmful and barbaric widowhood and inheritance practice of the African society. For the son who got married to his mother, he joyfully explained that he forever live and enjoy the love of a mother and a wife until death do them part.
The happily married couples despite the anti-religious clamours about the matrimony usually turn deaf ears and blind eyes to the streams of anti-religious/moral castigation of the palace marriage and lived on to establish a marital home in the family house of the late husband/father’s house.
We all woke up again the next morning to watch and hear from the television and radio stations that the government of Germany no longer proscribe or prohibit incest thus has decriminalized the immoral and dastard act. By moral implication, Benita’s father can now legally make love to Benita, the woman wife to Bernice since the law permits it. It also implies that Benita’s mother can emotionally engage his son before now in an un-criticized sexual intercourse and the children that emerge from such encounter will be recognized and respected by the laws of the land. In the same vein, religious and moral faithful’s or clerics can do little or nothing but criticize the uni-polar union since it has legislative go-ahead.
To the onlooker, they wonder what will be the painful punishment of God almighty on these cursed couples, families and innocently incriminated children.
As this practice perturb thousands and millions of people around the world, some western male and female folk detest to get married to either a man or woman but to their domestic animals or pets. They advanced their emotional attachment by publicly inviting neighbours, friends and well-wishers to grace the lovely emotional encounter between man and animal. To the dismay of thousands, the human bride or groom makes love to the animal and the animal mostly monkey or dog respond emotionally.
Just as we wonder wide and wild, some bizarre social/human rights groups rose up in some western cities in Europe that they no longer want to put on clothes but desire to live and walk around like Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. This new generation of men and women (nudist) grew this immoral practice to the peak by now involving in public sex i.e. on the street of Miami. The legislative push accorded to this fourth generation human right activist has further expanded their membership worldwide thus the establishment of gay/lesbian clubs, schools and quarters respectively.
Low and behold, the government of Jamaica after failing for decades to win the war against hard drugs abuse among 83% of the youths and the aged had no option but to legalize the production, distribution, sale and consumption of these hard drugs. The legalization of hard drugs (heroine, marijuana, tramadol etc) has increased revenue accruals to the government of Jamaica but has geometrically increased the temple of common crimes or vices such as accident, rape/female sexual abuse, depression, murder and series of recorded and unrecorded assassination cases. 
Furthermore, while many ethnic groups and religious faithful’s obey the heavenly injunction of searching for their missing ribs and leaving their father and mother to cling onto their partners to become one, some small and strange few fellows do not like to feed on the thousands of animal or livestock that God almighty created and gave us control over them. To these groups of people, they enjoy to feed on the highest creature of God (human flesh). To them, feeding on human meat (cannibalism) is what gives them the greatest joy and desire in life. They do not imagine the spiritual sin and sorrow that awaits them here on earth and on the Day of Judgment. The punishment here also extends to both the killers, sellers and consumers of the meat and bones of their fellow men and women.