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The trial lasted three days which was, in truth, a bit of waste of time for minds had set themselves on an outcome. Throughout the proceedings, she had kept her head hung low with an odd sadness strangely plastered over her face. She looked like a doll, whose maker had made as homage to herself, a distorted self-portrait; she perhaps also looked as if a doll-maker had only glimpsed her one day in the mirror then on finishing the artwork she painted onto that pretty little doll what she had seen, a mere reflection of all the worries and joy the world brought her. Her face never changed, never to anger nor happiness, she maintained this mime with the utmost care. It was only on the last day that her face changed at all. The judge’s hammer was held aloft in the air and as it came crashing down the resounding doom of wood on wood intermingled with the word guilty echoing, echoing off the wood panelled walls; the smallest corner of her mouth flickered into a smug sort of smile as, with her head firmly facing downwards, she shot a satisfied look up at her husband.

The Woodhouse

Unicorns. Fairies. Superheroes. Every night Ailsa wished that those were the worlds she would venture into. Instead, her usual night consisted of running from faceless monsters, falling into dark abysses, getting lost in endless mazes, struggling in the swirling waters of a vicious ocean, or trying to escape from the grasps of a bully appearing in a surprise curtain call to the past. These were the images she had to endure. Every night.

There was no running away.

That was the job of a Dreamcatcher after all.

The Country Annex

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