Haunted Mansion Ownership by Rix Roundtree-Harrison

The ghost of Grace Jamison loves terrifying the tourists who visit her historic home, Berkeley Plantation. Grace’s subtle ghostly interaction with the guests sends the thrilled tourists fleeing Berkeley with frightened delight. But one day a group of guests arrived at Berkeley that Grace’s ghost couldn’t frighten into leaving. These guests are the ghosts of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, the Founding Fathers of our nation.

The ghosts of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin are scouting for a location for their annual Founding Fathers Reunion party. They have chosen Berkeley as the venue for their event due to its prominent place in the history of the founding of the United States of America. Grace Jamison’s ghost is not happy with this. She enjoys haunting Berkeley herself and doesn’t want these historic distinguished legendary interlopers usurping her home. 

As jittery tour guides try to give professional tours of the haunted Berkeley mansion, a ghostly conflict ensues. The Founding Fathers argue with Grace as to why they have every right to hold their reunion at Berkeley. Grace offers arguments to the contrary. To bolster the arguments of both sides, special guest ghosts, like Benedict Arnold, appear to deliberate the issue. 

Who wins the battle for Berkeley, Grace Jamison or the Founding Fathers? Before a decision is made, a trial takes place in a courtroom filled with historic legendary ghosts that include Abraham Lincoln. The ghosts’ animated arguments turn historic Berkeley Plantation into a horror, humor and history filled haunted house.

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