The odd cycle of life and being reborn by William Norberg

Is this it? Joe thought, as the feathers of the birds grazed his face. Shall I finally rest? The wind violently thrusted against his face. Was it the right choice? The bubbles of thoughts circling his head was so loud, that he could not hear the frightened screams below him on the street. The only thing that was clear in his mind at that moment, was one simple question, yet the meaning behind it was immense: Where will I go? A loud ear deafening sound screeched in his ears as he hit the ground below, and then…It was dark.

“It’s a lie… It’s a lie… An illusion! We’re nothing more than bugs before IT!” A shaking voice yelled. Joe awoke frantically, and found himself squeezed in between a sea of naked men and women. Next to him a skinny man with a beard reaching far enough to cover up his genitals, held tightly onto the cell bars and shook his entire body, while mumbling to himself. “We’re dirt…We’re dirt! Insignificant bugs..” The rest of the people around him, did not seem to be saner. Some were banging their heads against the cell bars, others were lying in fetal position and crying.

Joe turned his gaze towards the bearded man, and asked: What is going on here? The man turned towards him, with a broad smile painting his face. “You’re a newcomer, are you not? Ooohoho! I’m jealous of you. Such a clear mind you must poses, filled with hope.” Then the man pointed in a direction. Joe looked over, wishing he hadn’t. A horrible sight it was. 

The creature was colossal. Made out of crimson flesh, fresh and bleeding. It had no legs, it crawled like a worm. A haunting vision, made out of billions of human eyes. It had no mouth, instead it had thousands of arms there, all serving a purpose, as it picked up its next prey, and tore it into pieces. None went to waste as it wore it all. The eyes added to the collection of a billion, arms were added to tear its next victim apart, and the flesh were added to its enormous mass.

It was a slaughter. As the thing reached in to the cell and grabbed the closest person it could reach, its next building block. Suddenly the sea of people around Joe split, like Moses split the red sea, and a long arm reached in and took a crushing grip around his waist. Then it pulled him out, into the vision of the billions of eyes. Then it simply tore him apart, like a doll. Luckily, the agonizing pain was over as swiftly as it began. And then, he was greeted by darkness again, for a while. Until another hand grabbed him in the darkness and pulled him out of it. The light blinded his vision and he screamed as loud as his small lungs would allow him. But then he heard a soft feminine voice: “It’s a boy!”.

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